Madlax-Capital Teams & Schedule - Fall 2014

Game Schedule for Fall League 2014
CLICK HERE for ALL Fall League Game Schedules for ALL Madlax team below for the entire fall 2014. Always email the coach or directors if you have to miss.,

Madlax Fall Teams & High School League Divisions:
Madlax #1 in Varsity A Division
Madlax #2 in Varsity A Division
Madlax #3 in Varsity B Division
2018 Orange in Varsity B Division
2018 Blue in JV Division
2019 Orange in JV Division

Madlax Fall Teams & Youth League Divisions:
2019 Blue in the U15 Division
2020/21 Orange in U13AA Division
2020/21 Blue in U13A Division
2022/23 Orange in U11AA Division
2022/23 Blue in U11A Division
2024/25 Orange in U9AA Division

Fall 2015 Sunday League Details

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Fall League Details:
All Madlax-Capital All-Stars teams will compete in a local, Sunday fall league. If you are not playing a fall sport you really must play in this league on a Madlax team. Fall sport athletes CAN also usually make this league work as games are only on Sundays. We will be playing in the Next Level Fall League and all games are in Bethesda
. We expect the schedules to be out by 9/5. Please arrive 30-45 minutes early to games to get jerseys and to warm up properly. Be sure to buy and wear our required Madlax Game Shorts and any optional Madlax All-Stars Gear (shooting shirts, etc...). We will give players game jerseys at the first game. To play you ONLY have to register above (if you make a team this fall).  Please do NOT also register on Next Level's website for this league. This is a 'games only league'. Even though this is a 'games only league' we will have the most organized teams there with our own uniforms and excellent coaches.  We will hold practices/tryouts prior to first games to get organized. Current parents and players should encourage any new players/friends who you think are of the skill level to play for Madlax, who missed this summer, to tryout and play to strengthen our teams because you will not loose your roster spot.

At any point players can be shifted between teams based on skill, attitude and commitment. We expect considerable movement all fall as we get to know the new players better and see who responds well to advanced coaching. Thanks for your understanding and patience. We will see you at games on Sundays!

Fall Season Cost: $290. The total fall fee includes at least 7 games + 2 more games in a Final 4 in a Sunday fall elite league, all fall positional and speed workouts/practices and as always advanced game coaching, advanced teammates, competition, and an overall positive experience within the Madlax-Capital All-Stars program. We will also hand out free helmet decals and car magnets to every player. We will wear the same exclusive Madlax All-Star shorts from the past summer which you do need to buy on on your own once you make a team. Click here to buy Madlax Team SHORTS and other All-stars Apparel.  You can also come into the Madlax-McLean retail store.

Important Additional Information: Everyone who makes a Madlax-Capital All-Star team in the fall is expected to join the Madlax Academy. We will email 'Commitment Forms' once you make a team. If he does not make Madlax the $40 tryout fee for new players is not refunded. Also we will open registration for the Fall Team Tournaments by October. We expect all players in our program to play in as many November tournaments as possible after this fall league end. KEEP YOUR WEEKENDS FREE IN NOVEMBER!  These are some of the most fun and memorable tournaments of the year.

For those not playing a fall sport you should strongly consider extra lacrosse work during the week in one of our outstanding outdoor fall clinics coached by our Madlax coaching staff. Go here to register and for details,

Madlax Fall League 2014 Teams

updated: 9.20.14

Congratulations to all those selected on a Madlax team so far. Orange and Blue still have roster spots available so we will add and/or move players after the next tryouts. Blue players can be moved up to Orange at any point and TBD players are still trying out so if you have a TBD next to your name we need to see you again at the game before we make a final decision. If your name is not below you did not make a team. If you have a DNA (did not attend) it means we have not even seen you once yet and you need to attend the next tryout. Madlax is the most competitive team in the DC area so we take our time in evaluations. If you have an offer from another club please let us know as you should wait to hear from Madlax before doing anything.

Make it Official and Join Madlax
If you are posted below on a Orange or Blue team and are new to Madlax (or have yet to pay for the fall league season), please accept this official invitation and register by clicking the "Register" button above but this time ONLY pay for the fall season. If you decide to NOT play Madlax you must email

Game # Fall Team First Name Last Name Position
4 1 Tommy Jung Attack
5 1 Darian  Matini Attack
6 1 Jack Peele Attack
7 1 Drennan Greene Attack
9 1 Christopher Montgomery Def/LSM
14 1 Richard Bartozzi Defense
16 1 Caelan Doherty Defense
17 1 Jack Liebel Defense
18 1 Eric Lane Defense
20 1 John  Scalia Defense
21 1 Luke Strang Goalie
23 1 Shane Corcoran Goalie
24 1 Jack Forrest Mid/Att
25 1 George Marshall Mid/Att
28 1 Jasper Tyner Mid/Att
29 1 James (Rocky) Tonkel Midfield
30 1 Michael Chiaramonte Midfield
31 1 Jackson  Smith Midfield
33 1 Brandon Williams Midfield
35 1 Luke Miller Midfield
37 1 Jack Coleman Pure FOGO
40 1 Austin LaBorwit Pure FOGO
1 2 Sean Feldman Attack
48 2 Spencer Shipman Att/Mid
54 2 Bailey Premo Att/Mid
57 2 christopher saunders Attack
59 2 Phoenix Hines Def/LSM
60 2 Gavin Legg Def/LSM
63 2 Kaesaan Mimms Def/LSM
66 2 Cristian Edwards Defense
67 2 Aidan Fitzgerald Defense
70 2 Jacob Lazris Defense
75 2 Ben Kishore Goalie
76 2 Will  Atkins Goalie
78 2 Jordan Radoll Midfield
79 2 Brandon Johnson Midfield
81 2 Matthew Greason Midfield
82 2 Devin Townsend Midfield
86 2 Reed Thompson Midfield
87 2 Jahred Jackson Midfield
88 2 Michael Abizaid Pure FOGO
99 2 Alexander Kitt Pure FOGO
2 3 Chad Musa Attack
3 3 Jack Robinson Attack
4 3 James Logan  Attack
6 3 Ben Briggs Def/LSM
9 3 Eliot Goodman Defense
10 3 Niall Lewis Defense
12 3 Kyle Heard Defense
14 3 Tyler Ryan Defense
15 3 Nathan Kim Goalie
17 3 Thomas  Brackett Goalie
19 3 Alex Callis Midfield
20 3 Jack Cassidy Midfield
21 3 Drew  Manca Midfield
22 3 Thomas Natal Midfield
5 3 Ethan Hall Midfield
28 3 Gregory Oh Pure FOGO
24 3 Tyler Iriondo Pure FOGO
  tbd Ryan Seery Midfield
  inj Clark Akers Midfield
Game # Fall Team First Name Last Name Position
1 Orange Joseph Epstein Attack
2 Orange Jack Keating Attack
3 Orange Kyle Kivinski Attack
4 Orange Carter Tate Attack
5 Orange Spencer Alston Def/LSM
6 Orange Steven Cornwell Def/LSM
8 Orange Kyle Greenfelder Defense
9 Orange Carter Johnson Defense
10 Orange William McLeish Defense
11 Orange Sean Whalen Defense
12 Orange Matthew Ciafre Goalie
13 Org/Blue Luke Caracciolo Goalie
14 Org/Blue Will Sterrett Goalie
15 Orange Andrew Tyeryar Mid FOGO
16 Orange Reid McDonald Mid/Att
17 Orange RJ  Barnes Midfield
18 Orange Maguire DiLenge Midfield
19 Orange Zachary Johnson Midfield
20 Orange Kyle Jung Midfield
21 Orange Jay Walton Midfield
22 Orange Austin Stewart Midfield
23 Orange John Geppert Midfield
3 Blue Will Cory Attack
4 Blue Kevin Cruz Attack
5 Blue Grant Gabaldon Attack
10 Blue Wiley Miller Attack
11 Blue Conor O'Leary  Attack
12 Blue Will Kelly Def/LSM
46 Blue Steven Shumadine Def/LSM
13 Blue Ryan Connolly Defense
15 Blue Cameron Dezio Defense
17 Blue Tomas Duer Defense
18 Blue Kyle Garrett Defense
19 Blue Austin Green Defense
23 Blue Brandon Peretin Defense
24 Blue John Aldinger Defense
31 Blue Declan Kilrain Goalie
32 Blue Braedyn Nosal Mid FOGO
33 Blue Robbie Bowell Midfield
34 Blue Connor Havermann Midfield
36 Blue Leo Maldonado Midfield
38 Blue Timothy Saunders Midfield
40 Blue Matt Welch Midfield
39 Blue Jack Lambeth Midfield
44 Blue Owen  Roegge Midfield
45 Blue Brendan Lozupone Midfield
  tbd-orange mo sillah Defense
  tbd-blue Zach Steele  
  tbd matthew ferrarese Midfield
  INJ/TBD Joseph (Jojo) Montesano Attack
Game # Fall Team First Name Last Name Position
1 Orange Gabe Zimmerman Att/Mid
2 Orange Emmett Barger Attack
3 Orange Kurt Bruun Attack
4 Orange Taylor Musa Attack
5 Orange Robert Schain Attack
6 Orange connor shellenberger Attack
9 Orange Dodson Piotrowski Def/LSM
10 Orange Colton Buzzard Def/LSM
11 Orange Henry Barbour Defense
12 Orange Bryce Kearney Defense
13 Orange Brad Lenard Defense
15 Orange William Tober Defense
16 Orange Michael Grogan Defense
17 Orange Timothy Marcille Goalie
18 Orange Jackson Phillips Mid/Att
19 Orange John Billingsley Midfield FO
25 Orange Alex Brendes Midfield
26 Orange Jonathan Bender Midfield
34 Orange Matthew Kelly Midfield
35 Orange PJ Zinsner Midfield
38 Orange Mason Edwards Midfield FO
39 Orange Brian Wilmans Midfield FO
42 Orange Rory Bracken Midfield FOGO
50 Blue Thomas Atkins Attack
51 Blue Jonathan Durette Attack
54 Blue Jacob  Himeon  Attack
56 Blue Zachary Micklos Attack
57 Blue Luke Peele Attack
62 Blue Paul Ahern Def/LSM
85 Blue Kayvon Samadani Def/LSM
65 Blue Hal Lackey Defense
66 Blue James McCormick, Jr. Defense
67 Blue Connor O'Malley Defense
68 Blue George  Schlesinger Defense
71 Blue Carson Smith Defense
73 Blue Filip  Stanisavljev Def/LSM
76 Blue Riley Green Goalie
78 Blue Thomas Ballou Midfield
80 Blue Billy  Banfield Midfield
81 Blue Max Fletcher Midfield
82 Blue Garrett Johnson Midfield
83 Blue Jason Malone Midfield
84 Blue Matthew  Ritter  Midfield
87 Blue Stevie Jones Midfield
88 Blue Andrew Blankingship Midfield
  INJ/TBD Brendan Dillon Attack
  TBD Patrick  Manley Jr. Attack
  INJ/TBD Ryan Shure Attack
  TBD Ben Robertson Attack
  TBD Branson Packard Midfield
  INJ/TBD Jake Reilly Midfield
Game # Fall Team First Name Last Name Position
25 Orange Cole Damvakaris Attack
47 Orange Quinn Johnson Attack
48 Orange Finlay MacKnight Attack
49 Orange adam  markert Attack
50 Orange Scott Sloan Attack
  Orange Brian Katz Midfield
51 Orange Cameron Stemberger Def/LSM
52 Orange Nick Woodard Def/LSM
53 Orange Jake Sita Defense
54 Orange William Beckhorn Defense
56 Orange John Fontham Defense
57 Orange William Matia Defense
59 Orange Benjamin Wayer Def/LSM
60 Orange Will Barnes Goalie
63 Orange Aidan Healy Midfield
65 Orange Christian Weber Midfield
66 Orange Alex Holmes Midfield
67 Orange Jason Lach Midfield
68 Orange Zack Sands Midfield FO
72 Orange Dominic Yantiss Midfield FO
74 Orange Broderick  Farr Midfield
81 Orange Max Schropp Midfield
82 Orange Brian Howdershell  Midfield FO
1 Blue Matthew Duncan Attack
2 Blue Woods  Floyd Attack
4 Blue Jack Collins Attack
5 Blue John  Marciano Attack
9 Blue Colin Donovan Attack
10 Blue Jack OHANLON Attack
11 Blue Owen Riddle Defense
12 Blue John Keane Defense
17 Blue Andrew Morin Defense
20 Blue Ellison Soobert Defense
21 Blue Tristan Ohler Defense
22 Blue Sasha Jonkers Midfield
30 Blue Jordan Dinesman Goalie
37 Blue Liam Savage Attack
39 Blue Marcus Brown Midfield
43 Blue Chase Calderon Midfield
44 Blue Ronan Kilrain Midfield
47 Blue Quinn Heberlig Midfield
48 Blue Roan McDonough Midfield
49 Blue Reid Norton Midfield
50 Blue Peter Fyffe Midfield
55 Blue Giancarlo Susi Midfield
  tbd/inj Keene Cornick Goalie
Game # Fall Team First Name Last Name Position
1 Orange Witt Crawford Attack
2 Orange Caulley Deringer Attack
3 Orange Will McCulloch Attack
5 Orange Jack Pilla Att/Mid
6 Orange Michael Duffy Attack
7 Orange Preston Whitehurst Def/LSM
8 Orange Quintan Kilrain Def/LSM
9 Orange Tristan Lenard Defense
10 Orange Grayson Schmidt Defense
11 Orange Will Hart Defense
12 Orange Thomas Dezio Defense
13 Orange Briggs Hayes Goalie
14 Orange Christopher Matia Mid/Att
16 Orange Walker Pence Midfield
17 Orange Zachary Walsh Mid/Att
18 Orange Jackson Carawan Midfield
19 Orange Davis Sawyer Midfield
20 Orange Jackson Galiani Mid/Def
22 Orange Charlie Reynolds Midfield
21 Orange Jon-Luke Duley Midfield FO
23 Orange Finn Jensen Midfield FO
24 Orange Brendon Wyatt Midfield FO
46 Blue jack markert Attack
47 Blue Thomas Houttekier Attack
48 Blue Nathan Kabiri Attack
49 Blue Miles Malawer Attack
63 Blue Cryus  Solomon Attack
50 Blue Garrett Wing Attack
  Blue Ryan Dalton Def/LSM
51 Blue Ryan Hardy Def/Mid
53 Blue Hunter Piotrowski Defense
55 Blue Drew Ambrose Def/LSM/Mid
65 Blue Makin Blalock Defense
54 Blue Luke Damvakaris Defense
57 Blue Tyler Chadwick Defense
56 Blue Gavin Ohler Defense
58 Blue Declan McCulloch Goalie
59 Blue William Aiken Midfield
60 Blue Andrew Atkins Midfield
61 Blue Tyler  Pinto Midfield
66 Blue Ryan Roncskevitz Midfield
68 Blue Brady Leischner Midfield
74 Blue George Pacious Midfield
  Blue Jeff Ryder Midfield
75 Blue Owen Huerbin Midfield FO
69 Blue Matthew Cowles Midfield FO
70 Blue Connor  Shannon Midfield FO
Game # Fall Team First Name Last Name Position
5 Orange Matthew Patrone Attack
10 Orange Ryan Duenkel Att/Mid
11 Orange Quinn Kelliher Attack
12 Orange Jake Campbell Attack
14 Orange Steele Maddux Att/Mid
13 Orange Blake Carawan Defense
17 Orange john grennan Defense
19 Orange Graham Lesher Defense
20 Orange Alexander Jones-Aiken Defense
21 Orange Davis Owens Def/Mid
25 Orange Peyton Booth Def/Mid
28 Orange Connor Pinto Goalie
29 Orange Hudson Greene Mid/Att
30 Orange Brodie Green Midfield
31 Orange Callan Keane Midfield
44 Orange Sam Whitehurst Midfield FO
35 Orange Finn Avis Mid/Att FO
36 Orange Hank Maddux Mid/Att FO
37 Orange JJ Kim Midfield
38 Orange Chase Robertson Midfield
41 Orange Hutton Banks Midfield