Goalies, Scoopers, Rippers, Face-Off, Box Lax, Dodging & Shooting!


Madlax has rolled out a new and exciting line of lacrosse winter indoor clinics for boys and girls ages 6-18 (or in 1st-12th grades). Madlax offers six unique clinics that will help your son become a better player before the important spring outdoor season. Whether he is a beginner or an elite level player, you will find a clinic that works perfectly and will get him better while having fun.

Outstanding coaches, organized clinic plans in a first class facility at the Dulles SportsPlex in northern Virginia.

Register today as many have a low maximum number of players and will fill up soon.

WINTER CLINICS (Listed by start Date)
Box Lax (Intermediate-Advanced). Starts December 9, 2014.
Goalie (All Levels). Starts December 9, 2014.
Face-Off (All Levels). Starts January 6, 2015.
Scoopers (Introductory). Starts January 20, 2015.
Rippers (Intermediate). Starts January 20, 2015.
Shooting & Dodging (Intermediate-Advanced). Starts January 20, 2015.

To learn more about all and to register go here,

This should be your new winter sport! Box Lacrosse Travel All-Star Teams. Register today.

The Capital North Stars announce the DC area's first real Canadian Box Lacrosse Travel program. It is one of the first American box travel programs as well.  Tryouts will start on Saturday, October 25, and are OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS FROM ANY field lacrosse club in Virginia, DC or Maryland. We want all field players, no matter what field program you play, to reap the massive benefits of playing box. You will become a better player overall by spring and have a lot of fun playing a new sport. North Stars players will compete in three box tournament during the winter and the local box league, the CBLL. See the incredible list of 'what players get' below if they make one of the four teams that are planned.

For complete details and to Register for Tryouts go here, WWW.MADLAX.COM/NORTHSTARS

There is no denying the fact that box lacrosse is popular right now especially after Canada dismantled Team USA in field lacrosse at the 2014 World Games in Denver. Every player on Team Canada has a box lacrosse background. Also just about every top D1, D2 and D3 NCAA team has amazing Canadians who have played more box than field lacrosse. Colleges are heavily recruiting players with box skills because they know how much it makes them a better field player.

The Capital North Stars will have experienced box coaches (see website for BIOS) teaching the box game properly. All players will be given and wear full proper box pads which are FAR MORE PROTECTIVE than outdoor pads. The Capital North Stars will play the game like the youth plays in Canada. No modifications to suit Americans. The true Canadian game is unique and has so many positive aspects that translates easily to the field game...ultimately making EVERY player better at field lacrosse.

Register today for tryouts and have a lot fun playing a new sport this winter! If you play you will be so much more prepared and so much better by the spring season that your coaches will be incredibly impressed!

What Every Player Will Receive (if you make a team)

We are treating this first ever box lacrosse program first class and professionally. Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

If you make a North Stars team you will receive ALL OF THE FOLLOWING for one price.

  1. Professional Box Training Mini-Camp led by NLL (National Lacrosse League) Pros (Jordan Hall and Drew Westervelt) ($250 value)
  2. Eight (8) Box Practices
  3. CBLL - Capital Box Lacrosse League (No extra cost. $200 value & savings!) More games just for making the North Stars team!
  4. Three (3) Team Tournaments or Play Days
  5. Authentic Custom Game Box Jersey (see above)
  6. Box Only Lacrosse Helmets ($200 value)
  7. Box Slash/Bicep Pads ($40 value)
  8. Box Hard Plastic Kidney/Rib pads ($60 value)
  9. Box Only Face Mask and attachment kit ($90 value)
  10. Game Shorts - Custom MadGear
  11. Shooting Shirts - Custom MadGear
  12. Practice Reversibles w/ #'s
  13. Side Box Helmet Decals - North Stars Logo
  14. Goalie will be provided Box Pads head to toe. ($1400/goalie value)
  15. Play Day to conclude season. Awards.

Congrats to Madlax Florida

10/15/2014, 3:00pm EDT
By Madlax

MADLAX FLORIDA makes their presence known at LB3s small Run-n-Gun tournament this past weekend at Lakewood Ranch.  MADLAX U19 won the high school division playing the MADLAX U17 team and MADLAX U15 took third.

Although it was a small tournament the weather was great and it is always good to get out there and play.

Congrats to all 3 teams.


Arrows Soar to 3rd Place in the BABLL

10/14/2014, 1:45pm EDT
By Madlax California

Jamie Gates & Harrison Goold (two of the biggest players in the league) both stepped up huge for their teams in the cage. Big Save after big save resulted in the lowest scoring game of the season! It was a closely contested battle that could have gone wither way. Great job to the Arrows for coming in 3rd Place!

Clippers Sail By Mohawks in OT to win BABLL

10/14/2014, 1:45pm EDT
By Madlax California

Joey and Dominic Piombo had huge games in an effort that came up just short of a championship. They helped their team jump out to a 4-goal lead in the 2nd period. After a string of unlucky penalties and some big play by Nick Dooley in the cage, The clippers fought their way back in the game. Regulation ended with a big defensive stand on a man-up opportunity for the Mohawks.

The tension going into overtime was so thick you could cut it with a butter-knife. Isaiah Blomgren won the face-off to give the Mohawks the first possession. After a couple missed shots, the Clippers capitalized on a 3v2 opportunity to win the championship!

It was great way to end a fantastic Box Season. We can't wait to get back on the field this winter!

Arrows Get Clipped In BABLL SemiFinal

10/07/2014, 8:15am EDT
By Madlax California

Coach Klontz used the heat as motivation for the undefeated Clippers before their semi-final game against the Arrows, “Imagine it’s Memorial Day Weekend and you’re in Raven’s Stadium, walking out on the field before playing in the NCAA Championship game.”With temperatures in the mid-90s at opening face-off both teams were focused and ready to make a deposit. Nick Dooley saved 70% of the shots he faced, time and time again deny Angelo L. of the Arrows.

The Clippers commanded an early lead thanks to Gustav Bergman and Josh Garcia. Both players capitalized on their scoring chances early. Matt Jackson and Matt “Penalty Box” Carvahlo played resolute defense, taking on a very physical approach. The Clippers withstood a 3rd period run from the Arrows to solidify there Championship berth next weekend!

Mohawks Squeak By Bellies to Advance to BABLL Final

10/07/2014, 8:10am EDT
By Madlax California

In the second match-up on Sunday the Salmonbellies looked to avenge their Week 2 loss to the Mohawks. The game was back and forth from start to finish. Harrison Goold was a stalwart for the ‘Bellies with help from Logan “Fabalous’ Fabiani and Danny Breen in transition. Derek H. overcame some adversity to tack on some very nice finishes. With the game tied late in third period, Isaiah B. and Ian M. time and time again gained loose ball possessions and put the ‘Hawks in the Championship game next weekend.

Madlax-Capital Winter Season Program Announced

10/03/2014, 6:30am EDT
By Madlax-Capital All-Stars

Get Ready for an Exciting New Winter Program Exclusively for Madlax-Capital All-Stars

All This is found here,

Winter Season Program

We are giving Madlax-Capital All-Star families three options this winter season. We are confident these options best prepare your sons for the spring season with their high school teams or with Madlax-Capital All-Stars in the NPYLL!

Winter Season Details:
1. Capital North Stars Travel Box Team
This winter we want to all our field players in Madlax-Capital All-Stars to tryout to play for the newly established Capital North Stars Box Travel Team for 4th-12th graders. If you are not playing a winter team sport for your high school or town rec program, we strongly feel that Box Lacrosse on the North Stars team SHOULD BE YOUR WINTER SPORT!  It is going to fun, exciting and you will get so much better. We have experienced box coaches. If you can't make tryouts we'll arrange a tryout for you during a practice in December. Learn more and register for upcoming October tryouts here,

2. CBLL-Capital Box Lacrosse League
If the Capital North Stars doesn't work then we want you to play in the CBLL-Capital Box Lacrosse League which is games only and has been moved to Saturdays only! We want every Madlax All-Star player playing in this league instead of the triple edge modified lacrosse league that is for rec teams. Learn more and register here to play in this games only league, We will keep Madlax boys together on same age teams. Madlax players get better faster because they play with and against better competition. The Triple Edge league is for the most part not going to challenge Madlax players or make them better.

If Capital North Stars and CBLL don't fit your schedule we hope you can make some of our weeknight positional and specialty CLINICS which are all held indoors at the Dulles SportsPlex in Sterling, VA. To learn about all of our specialty clinics and to register go here, This winter we offer: Face-Off, Shooting & Dodging, Box Lax, Goalie, Scoopers, Rippers). Receive 10% off when you register for being part of Madlax-Capital All-Stars!  These clinics are an excellent way to get more individual attention from Madlax coaches as you focus on specific aspects of your game. Email a program director (emails below) for the special private discount code before you register.

4. Capital Box Lacrosse Tournament
This exciting Madlax box lacrosse tournament will be held on Monday, January 19, MLK school day. If you are on the Capital North Stars travel box team then you are already playing and you do not need to do anything. Anyone else who is NOT on the Capital North Stars but wants to play still can. You should sign up on your own and we will put all Madlax-Capital field players together on the same age teams. We plan to enter a Madlax-Capital U11, U13, U15, and HS Elite Team. Only $95/player. Register on own and find details here,

5. Practices/Positional Academy Workouts
FREE for all Madlax-Capital All-Stars players of course. See the tab above for dates and times. These are optional and we will emphasize technique and skill improvement and help get everyone ready for the spring! These sessions have really paid off and help separate our program from the rest out there. We want all defensemen to use and only bring a shortstick for all winter practices please if possible. Using a shortstick during the winter months dramatically improves stick skills and makes defenders use their feet more when guarding which makes them better outdoors later on when they pick up a longstick again. All practices will be held at the recently upgraded Dulles SportsPlex in Sterling, VA. We will play on a turf and hard court. Wear cleats on turf but wear flat soled athletic shoes with good support (basketball or trainers, not running shoes). See the tab above for dates and times.


We look forward to a productive and fun winter season for all players in Madlax-Capital All-Stars! Please let our program directors, Garett and Matthew, know if you have any questions. Feel free to call us at 703.821.7775 or email us at or

Play With Passion! - Madlax Directors & Coaches

Clippers Sink the Arrows

09/23/2014, 9:45am EDT
By Madlax California

The Clippers used the Terra Linda high school connection to earn a well-deserved victory of the Arrows. Stuart Jennings controlled the majority of draws throughout the three periods while the offense developed with each repetition. Coach Klontz used “Baltimore” as the base play for the game, the players responded well and executed a number of fine plays over the last two periods. The entire team contributed, with Nick Dooley earning lots of praise for his continued development and ability to control loose balls.

Salmonbellies Fall to the Mohawks

09/23/2014, 9:30am EDT
By Madlax California

Calvin Dines stepped into goal for the Mohawks and held his line splendidly the entire day. Isaiah Blomgren could not be stopped at the face-off X and in transition. His BTB goal through the opposing keeper’s legs was the highlight of the day. Art, Dylan, and Luke all had strong showings, erasing any doubt that the short bench of the Mohawks was a weak point. The Salmonbellies fought hard, and kept the game interesting but Coach Harlan could not find an answer to stifle the offensive domination by Coach Klontz’ side.