Scoopers & Rippers Spring Clinics

04/06/2015, 11:30am EDT
By Madlax

Oustanding instruction by experienced coaches for boys in K-3rd Grades.


These Madlax clinics are perfect for all boys in grades K-3rd. Outstanding Madlax All-Star coaches with experience in coaching 5-9 year old boys run these clinics. If your son already plays REC league this is a perfect supplement as that is usually not quite enough lacrosse. If your son is a beginner than you want him to start right and learn to love lacrosse. This is the ideal environment for that to happen!  We hope you will have your sons join us!
These are only in April & May. The clinics for all will be on Wednesday afternoons. Madlax will provide experienced and expert All-Stars coaches who will teach your sons and ensure they have fun!

Click the links below for the appropriate clinic or team of interest. Flyer attached also. Learn more and register. Let us know if you have any questions.
Scoopers Clinic
PK-3rd graders with 1 clinic season or no experience. Introductory.
Rippers Clinic
1st-3rd graders with 2 seasons of clinic experience. Intermediate.
Rippers Team (includes games and the clinic)
1st-3rd Graders w/ 2+ seasons of clinic experience who have can catch and throw most of the time and want appropriate level Saturday games.

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